About Us

JSV Media was founded by Jatinder Vaid. From a very early age Jatinder had a passion, and a love of Cinema and the art of Filmmaking. He was able to bring this passion and knowledge to creating luxury cinematic wedding films when JSV Media was started in 2010. Now having filmed over 100 events JSV Media is at the forefront of this industry.

At JSV Media we believe that just because in this day and age anyone can ‘video’ a wedding, that you should not choose just anyone. You should look for quality, passion, and pedigree. We love our work and take great pride in the product we create for you. We aim to be as unobtrusive as we can on the day, allowing you and your guests to be as natural as possible and enjoy your wedding. We recognise that there can sometimes be reservations about being filmed, but we are often complimented on the day about our ability to work without causing undue distraction or attention.

JSV Media has been featured on the BBC programme Inside Out. Excerpts of the feature can be seen clicking on the following link BBC Inside Out. Jatinder Vaid has also contributed as an author to Planning The Perfect Asian Wedding.